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Welcome to Tadcaster Harriers. We are a thriving running club meeting once a week for organised training sessions and competing in Road, Cross Country, Trail, Fell and Ultra races.

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Maybe you used to be a member ? Or did you once run the Tadacaster 10 mile race ? We have a complete archive of all 20 years of results available to search and sort here. We are also (slowly) building an archive of previous Club Champions, Club Records and other results.

Lastly, if you have anything you would like to contribute to the site - news, reviews, etc. please let us know at tadcasterharriers@gmail.com or via the Contact Form.

Cotswold 24

A selection of photos from the Cotswold 24 Hour Relay.

Latest News:

Race Report: Cannon Hall Farm 5/10/15

Author: Sue Tindall   |  Aug 20, 2017

I decided to try out one of the "It's Grim Up North" races and entered the Cannon Hall trail race. The route is 5 miles and there is an option of 1, 2 or 3 laps. I opted for the 10 mile race.  

Upon receiving the race instructions a couple of days before the race I was surprised to read that there were 7 stiles per lap, maybe not quite the steady trail race I was expecting.

I arrived at Cannon Hall on Wednesday 16th, the race started at 6pm and in the race instructions it recommended you wear bright coloured tops as" the light is drawing in". I certainly hoped to finish before it got dark so as usual I wore my Tadcaster Harriers vest.

We set of promptly at 6pm, the route was marked however there were a couple of points that had I not being following others I may have gone wrong. We soon came upon stile after stile and hills, the route was mainly off road there were just a couple of short sections on the road. There were plenty of cows in the fields thankfully not taking much notice of the runners. A one point it was necessary to clamber over quite a high wall, there were foot holes however once I was perched on top of the wall I decided the only option was to launch myself into the next field as there was quite a queue of people behind me.

The marshals were very friendly offering words of encouragement and cheering on "Tadcaster". On the second lap it was evident that many people had opted for the 5 mile route as there were less people to follow resulting in me taking a wrong turn twice, however dog walkers were quick to point out my error so I think I only wasted a few seconds. Upon approaching the field with the "wall" I was pleased to see that a gate had been opened so it was wasn't necessary to scale the wall a second time.

It was a tough route and as I approached the final stretch I was pleased that I hadn't opted for the 15 mile route, two laps were enough for me. At the finish I was greeted with lots of cheering and there was a huge selection of homemade cakes to choose from along with a bottle of beer and nice medal.


Cotswold 24 Hour Race

Author: Dave Mullaney   |  Jul 24, 2017

Sat huddled in a cold wet hospitality area, drinking beer to drown our sorrows, a few of us (who had arrived on Friday evening) pondered what we were doing almost 200 miles from home! We had torrential rain from arriving; pitching our tents and the event shelter created a challenge to avoid them becoming too wet! The number of injured runners leading up to the event compounded this, and I don’t think I was alone in wondering whether or not we had done the right thing.

Things brightened up in more ways than one on Saturday. The sun was out and the remainder of our two teams arrived safely. After registering the teams, it was time for the team captains (myself and Glen Johnson) to discuss our tactics for the weekend with our teams. Glen took his team off into his camper van to keep his tactics secret. My team (officially registered as Tadcaster Harrier’s ‘B’ team) had decided to take a simple approach, and everyone would take their turn to run in order for at least two laps. That would take us up to the middle of the night. At that point we would allow the runners driving home on Sunday chance to get more rest. This meant that Shirley Steele would run two laps continuous, before handing over to Keith Smith and reverting back to running one lap each. Meanwhile we would log finish times on a whiteboard and keep track of starting times.

Glens ‘A’ team approach was different. Glen stated that his tactics were done on the back of a fag packet, and perhaps a little less ad-hoc than he would care to admit. The faster / stronger runners on Glens team were to run multiple laps and build up a strong lead that the ‘B’ team would be unable to match (not that it was to be any way competitive!).

First runners out were Angela Wray for the ‘A’ team and myself for the ‘B’ team. The weather was glorious at this point, and if anything the first few laps were too warm. Then, in what was to be a bit of a ‘theme’ for the weekend, Emma Dunn started her ‘laps’ and the heavens opened! I say a ‘theme’ as it was ironic that on Emma’s last (and sixth!) lap on Sunday it rained really heavy just prior to her run, yet had stopped by the time she had finished!

In between laps, the club banter was flowing with everyone joining in. Having our own camp area, with event shelter, tables (for drinks, cake and sweets!) and chairs was ideal for the social side of this event. We were also ideally placed close to the start and the race route so we could cheer on the runners out on the course.

The run route was perfect too. 9k of slightly undulating grass, track and trail around the Bathurst Estate with the only obstacles being the Nordic Walkers who insisted on walking three or four abreast and refusing to move aside! (Believe it or not, second place prize for the solo Nordic Walkers went to someone who only completed 2 laps over 24 hours!). Even with the heavy (at times) rain over the 24 hours, the course never became too muddy to be un-runnable in road shoes!

By Sunday morning both teams had plans in place to maximize the number of laps we could run before the cut off at 12:00 noon, when your last runner had to be on their final lap. For the ‘A’ team this was Chris Cook, and Celia McRoyall for the ‘B’ team.

We came to this event with the intention for it to be purely a social occasion (with some running). During the event and at the prize presentation we realised that we were actually competing with the other teams and not too far from the trophies. As teams, we were well organised and at no point was there any moaning about running at unsociable hours, and at all times there to take the ‘baton’ from the previous runner.

The event itself was well organised with plenty of entertainment and good quality food available. The only downside to the actual event was the failure of some of the showers and the posh toilets during the night….and the weather!

I have received many thanks for organizing the event for the Harriers. However I need to thank all the runners; Glen Johnson, Angela Wray, Rebecca McGuinness, Chris Cook, Emma Dunn, Emma Triffit, Jon Steele and Sophie Overfield for the ‘A’ team; Shirley(Celia) Steele, Sue Tindall, Celia (Shirley) McRoyall, Keith Smith, Mark Swinden, Elspeth Bartlett and Abi Carter for the ‘B’ team. Thanks to the supporters; Annette McDermott, Gill Johnson and Will Smith. Thanks to Abi for stepping in at the last minute to replace the injured Rebecca Illingworth and thanks to Gill and Glen for the breakfast on Sunday morning.

I am sure we are all now looking to next year’s Endure 24 event at Bramham and enticing others to join us

Results (mixed teams of 6 – 8)

Tadcaster Harriers ‘A’ team : 29 laps in 24 hours 23 mins 54 seconds (261 kM / 162 miles), 9th place out of 59 teams
Tadcaster Harriers ‘B’ team: 28 laps in 24 hours 30 mins 45 seconds (252 kM / 156 miles), 18th place out of 59 teams


1st place: Fallowfield Hillbillies: 35 laps in 24 hours two minutes and thirty one seconds (315 kM / 195 miles)

Full results including individual laps here: http://tadcasterharriers.org.uk/news/187/63/Cotswold-24-Hour-Race.html 

Out of interest the winning solo runner completed 22 laps. The winning Nordic Walking solo winner completed 8 laps!......anyone fancy that category next year? 

York Social Evening - 1st July

Author: Stephen King   |  Jun 23, 2017

Here is a note from Angela Beall about the Harriers' night out in York on 1 July.

We intend catching the 843 Coastliner bus which leaves Tadcaster at 5.29pm

  • The first pub is The Maltings which we will leave at 6.30pm
  • Pub 2 is Victoria Vaults which we will leave at 7.10pm
  • Pub 3 is The Masons Arms which we will leave at 7.50pm
  • Pub 4 is The Pheonix which we will leave at 8.30pm
  • Pub 5 is The Rook & Gasgill which we will leave at 9.10pm
  • Then we can either go to The Black Swan or Brew York as both are on the way back to the bus which we catch from Stonebow at 10pm.

Hopefully we won't get too stuck in the traffic leaving the racecourse after the Olly Murs concert, though it appears that will finish at 7.10pm so we should be fine.

Please ask Angela for her number in case you need to ring to find where we are (you should have received an email). Looking forward to seeing as many out as possible. It's a great night out!

Angela & Ged

Club Championships Update

Author: Stephen King   |  Jun 12, 2017

The club championship tables have been updated after 6 of the 11 qualifying races. Remember it's the best 8 results over the season which count, so you can afford to miss up to 3 races (or drop your 3 lowest scores)

Women's Club Championships

For the current full table, click this link: Club Championship (Women)

Here is the current top 10. Discounting missed/lowest scoring races I think this could be a very close run thing !

Men's Club Championships

For the current full table, click this link: Club Championship (Men)

Again, here is your current top 10. But watch your backs .. the winner could easily come from below this list !

Howard Plaut 1958 -2017

Author: Mark Swinden   |  Apr 8, 2017

Tadcaster Harriers are very sad to note the passing of our club member Howard Plaut who died on Sunday 2 April 2017 in St Leonard’s Hospice in York at the age of 58.

Howard had been ill for over a year but had stuck with his running and many members of the club have run with him in recent times.

He joined the club 5 years or so ago and although he worked away a lot, he was a regular attender at club handicaps and the like and was always happy to help out at events with his wife Briony. His great love was running on the fells and moors and was in his element running or marshalling in the Hardmoors series on the North York Moors.

During his final months he was unable to work or drive, but he was able to keep his running going. Briony has said that the Harriers were a godsend during that time and how much she and Howard appreciated the kindness, friendship and support that many people in the club provided at that time and how important that was to them.

In accordance with Howard’s wishes there will be no funeral as such. The intention is to scatter his ashes on the North York Moors: Roseberry Topping if possible. Any running friends would be welcome and we will publicise details when known.

Race Report - Dales Trail Series Reeth 20km (DT20)

Author: Dave Mullaney   |  Apr 3, 2017

The Dales Trail series of events based in the Yorkshire Dales comprises of three events increasing in distance through the year. The DT20 (20k) was held on the 1st April.

Although it is the shortest, it cannot be underestimated with testing climbs (right from the start) and fast technical descents that make it ideal for seasoned fell runners. The last mile to the finish, over a muddy rollercoaster landscape tests what energy you have left in your legs.

The weather in Reeth was looking good at the start, with glorious sunshine. However, by five miles we had hailstones, by 7 miles it was thunder and lightning, then at 12 miles we had light rain. At the finish, in time for ice creams on the village green it was sunny again.

With a lot of training and racing behind me, I finished 14 minutes faster than last year with 2:16:43 putting me in 127th place out of 280 runners (16th out of 45 for my age group)

Other results:
1st male Ben Livesy 1:20:37
1st Lady Elaine Bisson 1:47:50
Last runner 3:36:02
1dnf 26 dns