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Welcome to Tadcaster Harriers. We are a thriving running club meeting once a week for organised training sessions and competing in Road, Cross Country, Trail, Fell and Ultra races.

If you are already a member, then use the links on the menu above to find out about planned Training sessions, upcoming Races, Results and Social events. There is also a link to the Club Shop and a News archive.

If you are thinking of joining, then what are you waiting for ? We meet for training on Tuesday nights at Tadcaster Leisure Centre and we are always keen to attract new members. There is no need to be a particularly fast runner and there is no obligation to turn up regularly. A lot of our members have family and work commitments and just come down to the club when they can. Find out how to join here . If there is anything you want to ask just let us know at tadcasterharriers@gmail.com or via the Contact Form.

Maybe you used to be a member ? Or did you once run the Tadacaster 10 mile race ? We have a complete archive of all 20 years of results available to search and sort here. We are also (slowly) building an archive of previous Club Champions, Club Records and other results.

Lastly, if you have anything you would like to contribute to the site - news, reviews, etc. please let us know at tadcasterharriers@gmail.com or via the Contact Form.

Latest News:

The Harriers are Moving Home 4th April 2017

Author: Mark Swinden   |  Mar 22, 2017

Tadcaster Harriers are on the move - Tuesday 4th April.

As many of you will no doubt be aware, in more recent years the club has grown significantly to the point that we now have over 100 members. In times gone by we have relied upon the goodwill of the leisure centre to allow us to use their facilities, be it the car park or toilets. However as the club has developed the committee has been looking into alternatives, somewhere that the club can use as a base with facilities that will benefit the members.

We have recently been in discussions with Magnets Sports and Social club as an alternative base and home for the Harriers, somewhere with facilities not only from the running side but also social. Magnets have plans to develop the area with the backing of Selby Council and we have been extremely impressed with their vision to make it the sports and social hub of Tadcaster.

For the Harriers it is a fantastic opportunity which will enable the club to hopefully grow and bring in more members. As it stands they have a large tarmacked surface area where the warm ups can take place. There is adequate parking and there is a well maintained grassy area for training to take place on. On the social side it means that post runs there is a place to change if so required but also to socialise. The club will now have somewhere to host its functions be it post-race or on a weekend.

The plans for the area are to develop the changing rooms and the laying of an all-weather floodlit surface area. The members will have somewhere to securely leave items on a Tuesday if required and there are showers available. The changing facilities are likely to be developed over the course of the next year or so.

There is no cost and this is a trial run . However we are hoping and expecting that it will be permanent. The management of Magnets are hoping that our club members will join their social club which costs £25 a year and gets you a 25% discount at the bar. Whether or not you become a member the facilities, bar etc are open to all. Its a lovely clubhouse with Sky Sports etc and they will be able to do catering for us and it can host meetings, social events etc. We will remain an autonomous club.

The committee believe this move is for the benefit of the club and its members and demonstrates the ambition that everyone has for the future progression of the Harriers. As of 4th April the new meeting place will therefore be at Magnets. For those who don’t know, Magnets is located on London Road opposite the Brewery and can be accessed by car via Queen's Gardens off Leeds Road. A location map will be published on the website and Facebook. To right of the club house from the rear is a tarmacked area where it is suggested we all meet. If you walk past the entrance and then take a left after the building you can walk onto the area where the warm ups will take place. The beginners group, for this year at least, will continue to meet at the Leisure centre.

We are sure that everyone will agree this is a fantastic opportunity for the Harriers, for Magnets and for Tadcaster as a whole.

If you have any queries please contact Andy Sloan or Mark Swinden

Race Report - Hardmoors 55

Author: Dave Mullaney   |  Mar 20, 2017

Philippa and Dave at the start

The Hardmoors 55 ultra trail race is one of those races you could run time and again and each time experience something different. Over that distance you are tested by your choice of kit, the weather, hydration and nutrition as well as your physical and mental state.

I entered this race for the second (and last time) mainly as training for the Lakeland 50 in July and because I am 55 a couple of days after the race (hence the reason as well for getting the number 55!) On the day I was fit and well, the weather was ideal, my kit choice was excellent (no blisters) my crew (Annette) was always there with food and drinks at the designated points. However as usual for me I struggled after 35 ish miles and the rest was more of a death march! However at no point did I think of quitting.

If you don't know the Cleveland Way, the stretch from Helmsley to Guisborough starts off fairly sedately. Heading out through farmland, past Rievaux Abbey before climbing to Sutton Bank. Then another scenic and undulating section before reaching Osmotherley at 22 miles. Then you get to the tough 33 miles with plenty of technical climbs and descents that slow you down and sap your strength. Faster runners (under ten hours) will finish in daylight. The rest are left to run Roseberry Topping in the dark!

I wasn't alone from the Harriers. Philippa Freer (Pip) ran too. It was her first and longest race over 30 miles. I saw Pip at the start, but didn't see her again until the finish.
Also present were Howard Plaut and his wife Bryony. Howard had entered the race but had to withdraw due to ill health. He was there at the start, at the White Horse CP and at Lordstones to cheer us on.

At about 46 miles in, descending from Captain Cooks Monument before the ascent of Roseberry there was the checkpoint manned by Izabella and Jason Underwood. Izabella and Jason

Right at the point you needed your spirits lifting their enthusiasm and disco theme did the trick and I remember leaving to the sounds of Voodoo Ray.

I had a plan to finish under 14 hours. I managed 13:59:43
Pip finished in 14:13:19

Other results:
1st place Donald Campbell 7:31:19 (course record)
1st Lady: Kim Cavill 9:00:38
Last runner 16:19:00
329 finishers. 41 DNF

Big thanks to Jon and Shirley for another excellent event!

Race Report - Haworth Hobble

Author: Dave Baxter   |  Mar 13, 2017

I did the Haworth Hobble yesterday as a slightly unorthodox long slow training run as part of my London marathon prep. Fantastic race, great scenery and even greater hills (5000ft overall). A sedate 6hrs 27mins but with happy checkpoint stops for hotdogs and donuts. A great race for aspiring ultrarunners and only £13 including hot meal at the finish! 

York Road League - entries now open

Author: Stephen King   |  Mar 10, 2017

Entries are now open for the 2017 York and District Road Race League. Please see the details below and let's get as many Tadcaster Harriers running as possible !

This year marks a significant change in the event management. The success of the series (and the expansion of the clubs affiliated) has seen running number rise from just over 200 in 2010 to almost 400 in 2016. In order to alleviate the processes of getting runners entered and with timing the events 2 significant changes have been introduced:

  1. Entry and payment is now online here: https://www.stuweb.co.uk/events/2017/06/05/2807
  2. Each race will be chip timed, with your race number containing the chip technology

The cost has gone up to £18 to pay for chip timing. It's quite an increase from last year, but still a bargain.

Please note the following: 

  1. There is an initial entry closing date of 4th April. Runners will still be able to enter throughout the series, but that date is the cut off for guaranteeing that you will get your number for the first race. Race numbers will be delivered in bulk to Mark Swinden who will then distribute them.
  2. Club Colours must be worn.
  3. Please use your number for the whole series

All races start at 7:30pm apart from the first and last which start at 7pm as indicated below:

Date Venue
Tuesday 25th April @ 7pm Pocklington
Tuesday 9th May Tadcaster
Tuesday 23rd May Easingwold
Tuesday 6th June Knavesmire
Tuesday 20th June Bishop Wilton
Tuesday 4th July Wistow/Selby
Tuesday 18th July @7pm Bishopthorpe

Some Final Points to Note:

  1. Online Entry and Chip timing are massive changes and it would be foolish not to anticipate some teething problems. Please bear that in mind !
  2. With the possible exception of the Knavesmire event, all venues now struggle with car parking space. Please car share, wherever possible.

Handicap Championship

Author: Stephen King   |  Feb 22, 2017

After 5 of the 9 events in the Club Handicap Championship the table is starting to take shape. For more details about the events in the Handicap Championship and how it all works, click here

You can download the full table here: Handicap Championship

But for now, this is your current top 10:

Winter Marathon Training

Author: Mark Swinden   |  Feb 14, 2017

There are lots of Harriers training for marathons at the moments and for those attempting an event in spring it’s now that the big runs have to be done when the weather is often a big challenge as it was during last weekend. It was good to see that lots of people managed a long run, many of them in really grim conditions, and one person did two! That person was Ian Ward (Wardi ) who ran 15 Miles on Saturday including a parkrun in 22.12  and then a further 14.3 on Sunday . He’s training for the Barcelona Marathon in March. That total mileage was pretty much equalled by Dave Mullaney who did the full Hardmoors Marathon of just under 30 miles at Saltburn in really grim conditions on Sunday. We’ll return to Saltburn later.

Back inland there were plenty of long runs going on. On Friday, Keith Smith who’s doing London on 22 April did a 14.27 miles basically between Tadcaster and Wetherby, with his training partner, Ged. Also doing London is Emma Dunn who has a “good for age” place. She did 17 miles in all that horrible weather on Sunday, on the solar system. For those of you that don’t know that’s the old railway line between York and Riccall where the planets are arrayed in order and in scale to the correct distances apart and is great for a run or a bike ride. Dave Baxter (Tadcaster Physio)  is also doing London and did a big 21 miles on Monday in an impressive 3 hours, on a tour round the local villages.

Quite a few people are training for marathons other than London. Sophie Overfield is doing Manchester on 2 April, and she did 16 miles on Saturday in the rain, basically running from York to Tadcaster with a few loops included. Also doing Manchester is Simon Tordoff and he also ran 16 Miles on Saturday with his training partner Andy Sloan who is doing the Edinburgh Marathon in May along with Craig Redmond. They ran round the South Milford, Lotherton and Saxton area. Emma Triffitt is running the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon on 28 May and did a pretty sharp 13.2 round the local villages in that grim weather on Sunday.

Back at Saltburn, the weather was pretty grim as well. Celia McRoyall took on the half marathon, which was actually 15 miles, and ran with her training partner Elspeth, as part of her London preparation. They seemed to really enjoy it. I didn’t, but I’m sure I will be glad I did it when hopefully I line up at the Chester Marathon in October.

Even the hardcore Hardmoors people seemed to think that the weather was pretty extreme and I’m sure it will go into the annals of Hardmoors history. I don’t honestly know how anyone could have got themselves round the full 30 miles, so well done Dave. The Hardmoors events are, of course organised by Jon and Shirley Steele and as well as the admin and organisation they have to run around the courses the days and nights before, marking them up, so no lack of running there. They are both going to recover at the Dark Skies Marathon at Kielder on 25 March. That’s run in the dark, over 26.5 miles with 2000 feet of ascent thrown in. I would be seeing stars as well, if I attempted that. Shirley is going to follow that by lining up in London in April.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone or got anything wrong. If I have, please let me know. I’m sure everyone in the club will be pleased to see all this marathon training going on and good luck to all our runners.

Mark Swinden